Slick Gallery

Posted on: Wed, 11/01/2017 - 16:33 By: kpv

Integrates slick.js library used to create responsive image galleries (see demo on developer's site).

The drawer allows to create any gallery type provided by the library.

Slick is a generic drawer that is configured by an options set in JSON format. The available options can be checked on developers site.

The drawer is provided by VisualN module (VisualN Styles submodule).

Slick WSS

Slick WSS (With Setup Select) is all the same as the generic Slick drawer except that it takes drawer configuration outside the configuration form into a Drawer Setup configuration entity and just references that in its configuration. Thus instead of "drawer setup" (as field name) plain JSON configuration textarea field there is just a select box with available Drawer Setups configurations list. This allows multiple drawers to use the same configuration and the configuration itself maybe changed in one place and take effect on all using drawers. Read more about Drawer Setups in VisualN project documentation.

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