Welcome to VisualN Project!


The VisualN Project is a set of approaches, tools and services aiming to bring content authoring experience to a new level.

Another common goal is to promote what we call content and service fidelity (including content and service provider fidelity as well). For marketing specialists it is presented in Fidelity Marketing concept also mentioning new opportunities for them. The reason is to articulate that content not only should be nice but also true and accurate. As well as content services and service providers themselves should be reliable and dependable.

Technically it is built on top of Drupal 8 platform and implemented as a set of modules though the key ideas and approaches can be implemented for other platforms as well.

The project is built around the concept of drawing - basically, any type of rendered graphics, visualization, gallery etc.

Currenlty available modules:

VisualN - a set of 12 modules providing a framework to create, manage and expose drawings in different ways.

To name some:

  • VisualN Basic Drawers - provides some basic examples of drawers of different types
  • VisualN Embed - provides integration with CKEditor, allows to embed drawings into content using wysiwyg.
  • VisualN File Field - upload files (csv, json) to use as data source
  • VisualN IFrame - provides tools to share drawings across third-party sites, create SaaS-like services. Extends toolkit of Fidelity and Content Marketing.
  • VisualN Token - embed drawings into content using tokens
  • VisualN Views - create drawings based on internal site data available via Views
  • VisualN Url Field - use external data resources available via urls

VisualN Excel - enables Excel files support for data sources

The tools and approaches allow to naturally integrate third-party services into the project ecosystem which essentially become part of the project.

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